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Winnie’s Life

When we were here in Palung a dog used to come to our home. We gave that dog some left over rice, sometimes even hot, milked rice. One day the dog had babies, because the dog was not really ours we asked for one male puppy. We fed that small puppy, made a small cozy box for him, patted him, but usually he slept. After awhile Baba named the puppy ‘Winnie’. He grew up to be a fierce and bad dog ate eleven live chicks, bit some children, and ruined the vegetable fields. Who would like such a dog? We didn’t let him enter to the house and gave him a small portion of food. Winnie hated me most; he tried to bite me too. One morning he was romping around and being a nuisance just as usual…that was the last time we saw him. The next day we were a little alarmed when he didn’t turn up. Then we heard that a large cat-like animal had killed several goats. Well, that was the end of Winnie.

Winnie and his sister


Our Two Houses


Our Palung house is a lot different from our Kathmandu house. There is a lot of greenery in Palung whereas there are lots of houses in Kathmandu. I like our Kathmandu house because the stores are near, most friends are there, the library is there, etc. I like our Palung house because we can use as much water as we want and go outside whenever we want. In the Palung house there are two bedrooms, the kitchen, a living room type partition from the kitchen, and the bathroom. We live here most of the time and go to Kathmandu when we need to. The jeep and the motorbike we park outside. The jeep is used normally when we go to Kathmandu or when a person needs to get to the health post. In our Kathmandu house it is nearly much the same except there is a lot of construction going on. There are three flats, the terrace, and the top terrace. We park the jeep in front of the house. The lower two flats are occupied; we live in the top flat. But wherever we stay, it’s just another place to live.



Brother Sumpurna

Brother Sumpurna


Sumpurna is my brother. He is less than 500 days old: almost 15 months. The little fellow was born in May 20 last year. Sumpurna enjoys his new skill of walking immensely. Even though he falls, he tries again. He likes to discover and observe new things. He uses all his five senses to study his discoveries. He is a sweet boy sometimes, but at other times he is just like Curious George + he cries. Sumpurna can say several things:

“Didi” (sister)

“Phoo” (“phool” flower)

He can understand things like Mommy, Baba, Dada, button, Bible, guitar, computer, jeep, “pa” (water), mobile, etc. He makes a lot of queer sounds and can do things like trading with others for what he wants. At the end he is Sumpurna Shrestha.